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    Baby Powder

    Baby powder talc free with calendula, chamomile and oat
    Baby powder talc free with calendula, chamomile and oatNatural baby powder with herbs and kaolin clay

    Baby Powder

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    Protect baby’s skin from moisture with our talc-free Baby Powder.

    Made with white clay and fine powder of chamomile, calendula and oat, it is perfect for care and protection of delicate skin. Baby Powder is one of those things that are essential for baby care with its all natural ingredients. We all enjoy gentle and fragrant baby skin the most. Therefore, we were slightly selfish in the desire to continue enjoying baby’s touch as it was for the first time when making this powder. But we did not just make a quality product. We have placed it in a suitable packaging that will keep the effect and be suitable for carrying everywhere with you.

    • Absorbs excessive moisture
    • Protects skin from irritation
    • Nourishes
    • Gives the skin soft and silky touch
    • Odorless
    • Talc-free
    • Perfume-free
    • Additive-free
    • Corn starch free

    Selected ingredients: White Kaolin clay, Organic Tapioca, Organic Chamomile, Calendula and Oat. 

    Net quantity: 100 g

    Fully recyclable, earth-friendly aluminum packaging ensures the ideal protection of all active ingredients.

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    Baby Balm

    Natural chemical free babay balm
    Natural chemical free babay balm

    Baby Balm

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    Baby balm will keep your baby’s skin from irritation or drying, especially in a diaper area where baby’s skin is the most sensitive. The selected ingredients of moisturizing oils and butters with calming herbs will nurture and protect a sensitive skin. A cotton blanket will never completely replace that feeling of softness as a nourished skin, and your baby will love it.

    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action
    • Deeply nourishes the skin
    • Skin protection from irritation and damage
    • Mild and pleasant smell
    • Preservatives, perfumes, parabens, mineral oils and other additive FREE
    • Vegan-friendly
    • Suitable for use in cloth diapers
    • Soothes mosquito bites
    • For dry and damaged skin
    • For sensitive and delicate skin

    Selected plants: Mango, Shea, Chamomile, Calendula, Lavander, Tea Tree

    Net weight: 50 g

    15.85 14.00
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    Mama Herbal Drops

    Mama drops - lactation support herbal drops
    Mama drops - lactation support herbal drops

    Mama Herbal Drops

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    Mama Herbal Drops as natural breastfeeding support will invoke a mother’s nature in you and restore your self-confidence in breastfeeding.

    It is no secret that breastfeeding and mother’s milk is the most important process in baby’s development. Breastfeeding is a source of the best nutrition and a tender comfort for your baby. It is not rare that mama feels less production of milk. In most cases all women have enough milk but in some cases, some problems can occur, such as: stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, and other mostly emotional changes.

    Made with organic and natural herbs, Mama Drops are our best-known and best-selling product. Created by mama dietetian, used and confirmed by many moms with very satisfying results.

    Mama Herbal Drops are based on long traditional use and scientific documentation of herbs from mother nature that are used for lactation support.  A special concentration and ratio of active ingredients from fenugreek, blessed thistle, and anise seeds in liquid non-alcoholic form. It has been designed to safely and effectively promote lactation with fast results and high potentional.

    • Natural lactation support
    • Better milk release (“let down”)
    • Fast acting formula
    • High potential
    • Natural, safe, plant-based ingredients
    • Alcohol-free
    • Certified Vegan-friendly

    The natural liquid extract that contains the full power of selected herbs: fenugreek, blessed thistle and anise

    Size: 50 ml

    26.00 24.50
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    Baby Set

    Baby care set
    Baby care set

    Baby Set

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    Baby Set is not for you mommy. After all, everything is about the baby. They need our protection and care and therefore we have devoted our special attention to the products that will make their first moments of life more enjoyable. Still, their happiness is the greatest reward in our lives.

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