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Protection of personal data and their collection and use / Privacy Policy

The protection of your data and their security while using our website is of the utmost importance to us at and to the Suplement d.o.o. company whose site is owned by. That is why we are doing our business in accordance with legal framework for protection of personal data and data security in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union and under the best European practice. The purpose of this Privacy Policy along with the General Business Terms is to inform the user and / or customer of the site which personal data is collected, how is it processed and for what purposes, which third parties will be able to access this information and to meet service users and / or customers with their rights in collecting and further processing of personal data, all for the purpose of protecting their privacy in the broadest sense. All mediated information will be strictly protected from third-party access, which will provide you with carefree and uninterrupted business with us as a service provider.

With this Privacy Policy, we are committed to providing personal data protection to our customers and / or users by collecting only their essential, basic information necessary to fulfill our obligations; we inform customers about the way we use the collected data, we regularly provide customers with the choice of using their data, including possibility to decide whether or not to delete their data from certain listings. Users and / or customers can contact us at any time with the request to modify or update the information related to them, as well as with the request for an explanation of the purposes for which they want or not their data to be processed. All customer information are strictly kept and only available to employees who are required to do this.

All of our employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change as we continually work on developing and upgrading our pages using various technologies that improve our service to our end users. This Privacy Policy therefore is periodically updated to our discretion. Bearing in mind the above, please periodically review our Privacy Policy as well as the General Business Terms Document to get acquainted with any changes or additions thereto.

Protecting Your Personal Data includes the following:

  • We will never abuse your personal information in any way.
  • Your contact and personal information will never be given to any third party without your approval.
  • Your contact and personal information can be disclosed to the third party only with your approval.
  • We will not send you unsubscribed emails.
  • Whenever you can quickly and easily log out from any of our email lists.

All our activities are in accordance with European legislation (EU Directive 95/46 / EC, 2002/58 / EC and Treaty Conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189) and national legislation of the Republic of Croatia (Personal Data Protection Act, Electronic Business Act, etc.). Handling your personal information this service provider receives when you visit and use our website is subject to this Privacy Policy.

Collecting data methods and types of data

In general, you can browse and use our site without submitting any personal information. However, depending on your use of our services, on certain pages we may ask you to provide us with your personal information. In some cases, if you choose not to provide us with any or all of data, unfortunately you will not be able to access any of the services or functions of the site.

We collect and store personal information you provide us with by your approval whenever you make a purchase on, agree to receive our news, create an account or contact us via our site.

Some services we provide by using the website require a collection of personal information from users and / or customers, whereby we only collect the basic data necessary for our quality service delivery as follows:

  1. Directly by you (Buyer / Beneficiary) in a way that you submit to us with a certain amount of information relevant to the provision of the appropriate services. For the purpose of providing the appropriate services, please provide us with the following information that is necessary to establish a contractual relationship, ie to provide delivery services or information about certain products from our assortment. These data include information or a part of personal information such as: a) name and surname; b) address, place and state; c) phone and / or cell phone contact; d) contact e-mail address; e) additional remarks that you are willing to provide us with regard to the realization of our service.
  2. From other sources, ie from our business partners or publicly available sources (for example, data can be accessed through the phone book and other publicly available services);
  3. Automatically visiting our website(s), apps, and the internet store, with data associated with network identifiers – cookies (Internet Protocol addresses and cookie identifiers, such as Google Analytics for tracking user and / or customer interactions).

The amount or scope of personal information we collect depends on type of the service we provide to our customers and / or users, as well as the legal basis on which we collect them. We are constantly paying attention to collecting only the necessary scope of personal information that is needed to achieve legally established purpose for which data is processed.

Cookies we use on our site

Cookie is a small data file stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a particular web page. Cookies are used to provide better user experience to each user and / or customer and to save user and / or customer preferences in order to make web pages more effective, as well as for tracking and testing the use and access of the website.

Cookies are also used to track Internet usage and user’s profile creation and to display custom internet ads based on user and / or customer preferences.

The decision of allowing cookies to be used on the website is entirely yours. By deactivating and / or blocking cookies, you can still browse the pages, however, in some cases there is a chance that some features and / or functionality of the webpage will not be available, ie the time needed to access certain website functions will take longer than usual.

Cookies we collect on help us to:

  • Our sites function as expected from users
  • Keep your information confidential in case of your approval to keep them
  • Remember your user data settings if you are signed in and if you have allowed us to keep you as a member
  • Allow you to share our page on some social networks such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram or Pinterest
  • Improve the level of website security
  • Allow us a personal access to you
  • Continually improve our services according to the needs of our customers / users
  • Make our marketing activities more efficient

Target network identifiers or cookies may leave traces that, combined with other identifiers and information provided by Internet service servers, may serve to identify the user and / or customer. Also, for this purpose we collect and process the following data:

  1. a) IP address data;
  2. b) data on the use of particular applications;
  3. c) user and / or customer habits information – we create data for profiling users and / or customers.

The amount or scope of personal information we collect depends on type of the service we provide to our customers and / or users, as well as the legal basis on which we collect them.

We are constantly paying attention to collecting only the necessary scope of personal information that is needed to achieve legally established purpose for which data is processed.

Read more about our Cookie Policy here.

What is the purpose for collecting and processing personal information

We collect personal information so that we can provide, maintain, protect, and improve our services for your purchase or information about certain products from our assortment in order to understand the ways you use our website and services provided and to fulfill your contractual obligations. We collect such information based on your approval as a user and / or a customer for one or more specific purposes, as well as in one of the following cases:

Execution of contractual obligations

On the website and as a company Suplement d.o.o., the owner of these sites, we collect and process further personal data of users and / or customers for the purpose of concluding and executing the contract, delivering products ordered, consulting and providing information about the products and services offered on website, providing additional product information, resolving any objections and other actions associated with the conclusion and execution of the contract in accordance with the relevant regulations.

The legal basis for processing personal data of users and / or customers for the aforementioned purposes is a necessity in concluding the contract, ie in case the user and / or buyer refuses to provide essential data, Suplement d.o.o. will not be able to conclude a contract and / or undertake certain actions related to the execution of contract.

Performance of legal obligations

Suplement d.o.o., headquartered in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, registered by Commercial Court in Zagreb under the registration number MBS: 02812053, personal identification number (PIN): 28356791401, is responsible for processing personal data collected from this website (

We commit to comply with the Legal Provisions on the basis of submitted written request from the user and / or customer to access their personal data that we process, correct, delete or limit processing them, as well as to familiarize the user and / or customer with the right to data transfer and a complaint option about processing personal data.

Recipients with whom we share personal information for the purposes of performing contractual obligations

We will not share your personal information with other parties except in cases mentioned in the item below or in situations when special regulations require it.

Whenever a purchase of our product or a service on your order requires it, we will share your personal information with:

  1. Distribution service providers of goods with which we have a permanent contract, and for the purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations from the order, delivery and sending mail or e-mail. Distribution service provider may request a document in which you confirm your personal information, all for the purpose of delivering the package of products and services from this website and the records of who took over the package. If you refuse to provide this information, taking in mind it is your right, the package will not be delivered to you.

Please send us your written requests or any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy to the following addresses: or

Direct marketing

Your contact information may be used to send you promotional notices about our products and services implying you have given us your approval for such processing or if there is our legitimate interest in such actions, unless your interests or your fundamental rights and freedom that require protection of personal data are beyong such interests.

We may use your contact information and contact you personally only if you have previously given us your approval and on the basis of a legitimate interest in sending promotional notices regarding our services or offers we provide using all available promotional channels, unless you object such processing.

In order for you as our user and / or customer to receive approved notifications matching your wishes and habits, it is necessary to use a certain data for making of or delivering them to you until you explicitly object to such data processing, or withdraw your previous approval / registration for processing.

The legal basis for processing personal data for the aforementioned purposes is our legitimate interest, unless such your interest or fundamental rights and freedom that require data protection are beyong such interests.

Internal Purposes

We use a specific data of the user and / or customer data exclusively for the purposes of our own records in order to protect the legitimate interests of users and / or customers and / or us. For example, this includes the use of personal data to make offers that meet the needs and wishes of users and / or customers based on user and / or customer requirements.

Potential users information

As a Company we are authorized to collect information about our potential users and / or customers. These data include basic information (first and last name, email address), as well as the interests of potential users and / or customers who are addressing us with the desire to be informed and / or offered a certain products and services.

User’s and / or customer’s approval is the legal basis for collecting data as described above.

Time period to store and process personal data

Personal data of the registered Buyers from the website are stored for a certain period until the purpose for processing is achieved. This period imply until the moment of active registration and six months after termination of Customer’s registration in which period any previous claims will be solved. We store personal information of registered users and notification recipients over the period until the purpose of processing is reached, which implies the period during active registration.

Your rights as a user / customer

The right to access personal information

You as a user and / or customer of website have the option of accessing your personal data we process at any time by submitting a written request which may be in the form of an e-mail and by registering on the page and accessing the “profile” where you can review your personal information that you have previously shared with us. Each user and / or customer of can request and receive complete information about his / her personal data stored as well as request correction of the same by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: or, to inform about the purpose processing personal data, the type of personal data we process, the recipients or recipient categories whose personal data are disclosed or will be disclosed, the anticipated processing time or the criteria used for determining that period.

Right to correct inaccurate data

We are obliged to allow the correction of inaccurate personal data in each case when it is determined that personal data collected on the user and / or customer are inaccurate or that the user and / or customer data have changed.

Right to delete personal data

We will delete personal data of the user and / or customer in following cases:

  1. a) when the user and / or customer personal data collected is no longer necessary for the purpose of processing or when data processing is terminated;
  2. b) when you withdraw your approval as a legal basis for data processing and there is no other legal basis for data processing;
  3. c) when you as a user and / or customer complain about data processing (see under the heading Right to complain)
  4. d) when personal data is processed unlawfully;
  5. e) when personal data had to be deleted in order to fulfill the legal obligations of the European Union law or the Member State to which the data processing manager is subject;
  6. f) when personal information is collected regarding the offer from information society services in regards to child’s approval.

You as a user and / or customer of are entitled to request the deletion of personal information (right to oblivion) at any time. You can do this by emailing and your data will be deleted within thirty days. Data about the purchase via website remain stored in the account for the respective purchase in accordance with other legal obligations.

Right to restrict data processing

Limitation of personal data processing will be provided in cases where the user and / or customer disputes the accuracy of the data, when the processing is illegal and a user and / or customer is opposed to the deletion of data, instead asking for a restriction on their use when the processing manager no longer has needs for processing personal data but user and / or customer requests information for the fulfillment of legal requirements, as well as when the user and / or customer objects to the processing of personal data based on the legitimate interest of Suplement doo, including the user and / or customer profile.

Right to invoke complaints

The user and / or customer has the right to file an objection to the processing of personal data related to him / her if data is processed for the legitimate interests of processing manager. In this case, we will stop processing personal data unless we prove there are convincing legitimate reasons for processing personal data in relation to the rights of the user and / or customer, or when data processing is used to establish, enforce or defend the legal requirements.

If user and / or customer personal information is handled for direct advertising purposes, the user and / or the customer has the right at any time to file objection to processing for direct marketing purposes, especially if the personal data are used for the purpose of creating the profile.

Please send us your written requests, complaints or inquiries regarding to directives of this Privacy Policy at the following addresses: or

Security measures for processing personal data

Data we collect is in an electronic format and is protected by an SSL certificate that encrypts data and ensures that the communication between your computer and the website takes place with a secure protocol.

We take data protection very seriously and take various precautions to protect your personal information. Unfortunately, no data transfer over the Internet or any wireless network can not be 100% secure. As a result, although we are implementing reasonable safeguards for data protection, we can not guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from and we are not responsible for the actions of any third party receiving such information. We as a company Suplement d.o.o. can choose to store personal data with EU service providers, and only outside of EU in extraordinary cases.

This will only be done if there is a European Commission decision on adequacy for that country and if agreed guarantee and compliance with the EU’s personal data protection regulations are complied with.

Where we handle personal information

We process personal data of users and / or customers of this website in the Republic of Croatia.

Terms under which personal data are passed on to third parties

The personal information of our users and / or customers is forwarded to third parties (including the competent authorities) only in the following cases:

  1. user and / or customer privacy
  2. for the fulfillment of legal obligations
  3. when such processing is necessary to protect key user’s and / or customers’ interests

Manage consents

An active role of the user and / or the customer in privacy is reflected in the disclosure as a voluntary, particularly informed and unambiguous expression of the respondents wishes who, by declarations or by a clear acknowledgment of action, give consent to the processing of personal data. Management of consents implies the possibility that a user and / or customer gives us through an active and unambiguous act the authority to collect and process individual personal data for one or more purposes (respondents consent), or to withdraw the previous consent in order to collect and process personal data for one or more purposes.

Who to talk to?

Please send us your written requests or any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy to the following addresses: or

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time, without giving any special notice to the persons concerned. For this reason we recommend to all interested parties to regularly review the content of the website for information on the updated content of this Policy.

By using this website after changes or updates user accepts and agrees with the full content of this privacy policy.

For further information please read the content of our Terms & Conditions of Use.



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