Our Story

Valentina – creator of PlanT products for moms and babies

Hi, I am Valentina, the founder of Plant® brand and creator of its products. I am a nutritionist, dietitian, mom of two beautiful children, lover of nature. Our story started 6 years ago, with huge support from my husband and my family.

The products were, I must admit, created with a very selfish motive. During my pregnancy and first days of parenthood I found myself surrounded with problems to which I couldn’t find answers – most products simply did not meet my expectations: to be natural, efficient and safe for me and my loved ones.

Having needed experience in this field, armed with knowledge and love towards natural products, I started inventing products for the needs of me and my family. And they worked! I shared my findings with other moms facing the same problems. I couldn’t be happier when I started getting positive feedback. Those were the products that later became Mom’s Drops, Ginger Drops, Tummy Oil and Tummy Drops. That is how my idea came to life.

With the support of my family and friends my wish and my knowledge became plan, and with a help from my good partners that plan became my business.

We started with small steps, launching one product at the time, taking time to find ingredients and technology that would satisfy our needs. Happy customers gave us a push to continue further. We were gradually launching other products always insisting on special, innovative and natural, organic formulas. Our products are now manufactured according to high standards of production processes, and formulas are perfected to satisfy all quality standards.

We are proud of our work where we also support other small businesses and local production.

In a nutshell, the goal of every Plant product is:

– to use the best nature can give us and provide moms with natural support and help during pregnancy, parenthood and childhood.

We hope our products will satisfy the needs of many parents as it did ours. Welcome!